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Eric Christensen

Online Art Gallery

Watch as Eric Unveils
His First Lake Tahoe-themed Painting "Tahoe Blue"
and talks about what inspired him!


Original Watercolors and Limited Editions


Where do YOU hang your Christensen?


John F. adorns his beautiful new wine cellar with

two iconic wines in "Flavorable Outlook" on the left and "Up for Discussion" on the right.  A stunning display to compliment an impressive wine collection!

Mary B. displays her "Up for Discussion"  as 

the centerpiece in her thoroughly modern Living Room.  

"Golden Glow" - a warm and fire-cozy piece -  has found a perfect home over a beautiful console bar table in the elegant home of Mike F.


Show us where you hang yours and we may pick your photo to be featured on this web page!


Send your 1MB (or larger)  photo to:


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