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"Eric Christensen - America's Foremost Watercolor Master"
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually watch Eric paint the amazing detail he puts into each of his paintings? Or what it is that inspires him to create such breathtaking wine country backgrounds? In this video Eric shows you the quiet inspirations of the wine country lifestyle. Get a peek into this artist's multi-talented, creative world!
Eric Reveals "Tahoe Blue"
Eric Unveils his first Lake Tahoe-themed painting at the Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, California. Eric also discusses the inspiration behind this amazing hyper-realistic watercolor painting "Tahoe Blue".
Eric Demos Hand Embellishing
In this video, Eric Christensen, Watercolor Master, gives a demo on how, where, and why he hand-embellishes highlights on his "Up for Discussion" limited editions -- the only oil painting offered in the line of Eric Christensen Fine Art limited editions. He also explains the different approaches to painting in Watercolor versus Oil.
Eric Sketching Dedication on the back of Canvas
Did you know that Eric adds personalized dedications upon request to the back of the canvas?  Collectors are thrilled to have Eric write special remarques wishing them a Happy Anniversary, congratulating them on a New Home, or simply writing Words of Wisdom that have special meaning to them.  Watch here as the master sketches an original drawing and remarque on the back of the canvas for this lucky couple celebrating "Cheers to 37 years"!

The Making of "A Cake Walk"

Check out this video for a rare behind-the-scenes look into how Eric created the 2-panel artwork, or diptych, entitled "A Cake Walk." 


It was a challenging and complicated process - and you can watch as  the resulting piece comes to life!

Discussion on "A Moment of Reflection"

Epicurean Auction - a fundraising event for KRCB Public Television.
Although the auction is over, we thought you'd enjoy watching Eric talk about the exquisite details he put into the wine glass and silver pitcher reflections in "A Moment of Reflection."
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