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A Blush with Greatness

The American writer and naturalist Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated “The world laughs in flowers” -  and what a wonderful image that is.  Hearty laughter often brings a blush to the face, not unlike the delicate blush on the velvet center petals of the noble English rose. According to the great painter, Claude Monet: “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”  These botanical delights from the garden celebrate Nature’s majesty.  Each flower makes a unique contribution to the overall composition and only intensifies its beauty.  With grand arches rising above the warm soft hues of this gardener’s reward, this painting certainly has “A Blush with Greatness.”




  • Original Watercolor: 29.5" x25.5" - SOLD
  • Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas

    • Size 1: 24" x 30" - Edition size: 75

    • Size 2: 30" x 38" - Edition size: 50

    • Size 3: 40" x 52" - Edition size: 25


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