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Christensen captures a bit of old world romanticism with “Enlightened”. This still life staged at a beautiful winery in California’s Cienega Valley was designed and built with the loving hands of its Italian winemaker. The colorful stained glass window, authentic water vase and brilliant red table runner provide contrasting textures for the eyes and remind us of wine country, old world style. The cheese plate glows in the subtle light coming from the window where Christensen has captured every detail of the Humbolt Fog cheese. The light from the window bounces off the olive branches and creates a translucent quality as it travels through the Mescal grapes. The wine glasses take center stage and hold two tastes of a premium pinot noir sure to leave you “Enlightened.”



Featured wine: Sea Smoke Pinot Noir

  • Original Watercolor: 27" x 21.5" - SOLD

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