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Estate of Bliss

A feast for the eyes and a feat of engineering describes Christensen’s first triptych, “Estate of Bliss.” A glorious late summer evening in Napa Valley is the setting for his most recent work. Fruit of the season abounds, including grapes fresh from the harvest, accompanied by robust cheeses and a loaf of warm bread. In the background, rolling vineyards prepare to give forth their bounty.
According to Christensen, composing the piece so that each painting successfully carried the proper flow of motion, and then assembling the three pieces so that flow remained strong across all three was the most challenging part of this piece. Normally, he will start and finish one painting at a time. However, with this triptych it was required that he develop each piece simultaneously so that colors matched exactly and elements flowed perfectly. What is most amazing about this piece is that the three panels are designed to work side-by-side when hung horizontally, and top-to-bottom when hung vertically!
Each of these wines comes from grapes grown on the estate – in combination with the abundant repast surely creates a “state of bliss”!



Featured wine: Beaulieu Vineyard Georges De La Tour, Caymus Special Select, Quintessa, Ridge Zinfandel Yorkcreek, Talbot Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Chardonnay

  • Original Watercolor: 20.75" x 17.5" (x3) - SOLD


  • Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas:

Size 1:      21" x 18" (x3):

Entire Edition SOLD OUT

Size 2:      28" x 24" (x3):

Entire Edition SOLD OUT

Size 3:      42" x 36" (x3):
Edition size: 25

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