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Pardon Me

Behind him grows a giant oak, twisted and gnarled, framed by the wide open hills that lay vast - as far as the eye can see.  In his shackled, confined state he is left to ponder his deeds, while his reflections appear in the wine glass on the table.  His chains can barely restrain the decadence of this chewy and savory red. The Prisoner pleads "Release Me"!  We oblige by uncorking this guilty pleasure  -  "Pardon Me!"



Featured wine: The Prisoner

  • Original Watercolor: 27" x 23" - SOLD

  • Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas

    • Size 1: 24" x 30" - Edition size: 175

    • Size 2: 30" x 38" - Edition size: 150

    • Size 3: 40" x 52" - Edition size: 50


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