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Trail Mix

Did you know that Napa Valley was initially famous not for wine making, but for silver mining?  In order to facilitate travel and trade, the Silverado Trail was constructed and remains a famous landmark to this day.  You can drive your car on the trail as it winds gently through the appellation known as Stag’s Leap - considered one of the finest appellations in California.  Christensen’s  “Trail Mix” pays homage to this history, but don’t be fooled by the name.  This wine country lovers’ trail mix is made up of the three Napa Valley famous bounties: Fresh local produce, sparkling silver and great wines from two of Silverado Trail’s most iconic vineyards. Together, these comprise what the locals call a true Napa Valley Silverado “Trail Mix.”



Featured wine: Chimney Rock Cabernet, Pine Ridge Cabernet

  • Original Watercolor: 33.5" x 22" - SOLD


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